What if I don’t have time to join a TimeBank?

None of us want to add one more thing to our busy lives.  The beauty of timebanking is that it will free you up to do the things you enjoy doing!  You might ask yourself, what is it that you are doing that makes you so busy?  Is it possible that another member of the community could help you with your least favorite tasks?  In addition, many of the services people exchange in a TimeBank are the types of things they are already doing every day. For example, those of us who have children are already cooking for them, driving them to activities, and helping them with their schoolwork-among other things. Cooking an extra portion of food for someone down the street who is housebound, picking up your neighbor’s kids on the way to soccer practice, or helping the child down the street with his homework doesn’t add work to your day. Or, if you have a dog and take it for a walk every day, why not pick up your neighbor’s dog along the way?